Our college maintains the highest form of decorum and dicipline. We Expect the Student to

  • Maintain discipline and decorum in and outside the classroom.
  • Be regular in attendance and punctual at all functions.
  • Be seated before the teacher enters the classroom.
  • Be courteous to teachers.
  • Keep the atmosphere perfectly academic.
  • Maintain order and silence in the classroom, library and corridors.
  • Move from one classroom to another in an orderly manner.
  • To wait outside the room till the class room is completely vacated by the students of class that has ended.
  • Be attentive and responsive to the lecture.
  • Devote vacant periods to reading newspapers, magazine and books in the library.
  • Avoid disfiguring the furniture and the walls by writing or by any other means.
  • Avoid crossing the lawns and plucking flowers.
College Rules

  • The head of the institution shall have full power in all matters pertaining to the admission, promotion, and detention and students, and the imposition of fines & the readmission thereof. She shall be empowered to take disciplinary action and impose penalties and provided under the university rules.
  • The authority of the Head of the institution extends over all the students at all time inside or outside the college. If in her opinion a students acts in an undesirable manner he/she may be asked to leave the college. If he/she fails to do so with in the prescribed time the head of the institution, at her discretion, remove his/her name from the rolls of the institute.
  • All students of the institute shall abide by the rules of the institute existing at the time of admission or as farmed from time to time. Defaulters may be punished and punishment may lead to warning, fine, expulsion or rustication from the institute, depending on the nature and gravity of the misconduct or offence.
  • If a candidate is found indulging in ragging (ragging mean any type of physical or mental torture inflicted directly or indirectly) the competent authority shall expel the guilty student from the college.
  • The student shall give in writing and undertaking in this connection at the time of admission.
  • The H.P. Government has declared as a cognizable offense which can attract a fine, imprisonment or both.
  • The institute does not sponsor or allow picnics.


The teacher's trainees shall have to wear uniform specified by the college during regular classes and macro teaching essentially.

Leave Rules

  • Leave for absence from the college shall be applied for and obtained in advance, except in an emergency in which case the leave application may be sent with in two days of the student's return to the college.
  • In case of sickness or absence from an examination due to illness, the leave application must be accompanied by a medical certificate from a Govt. Hospital.
  • The leave application must be signed by the father or guardian of the student or by the Hostel Warden in the case of Boarders.
  • Leave for a period up to three days may be granted by the concerned tutor/teacher. For periods longer than three days, the prior permission of the head of the institution on the recommendation of the tutor/teacher will be necessary.

Library Rules

  • Every student is allowed to draw 3 books at a time for a period of not more than 14 days. However, a book can got, re-issued with the special permission of the Librarian if it is not reserved.
  • If a student fails to return the book with in the prescribed time limit, a fine of Rs1/- per day will be levied.
  • Any kind of damage to a book borrowed from the Library will render the borrower liable for a fine & for disciplinary action.
  • If a student loses a library book to him, he/she will be required not only to pay full price of the book but may also liable for a fine.
  • Reference books will not be issued any one. These are only available for consultation in the library with the permission of the librarian.
  • The library hours are from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Books issued from the library must not be lent to other.
  • Complete silence should be maintained in the library.

Hostel Rules

  • Accommodation in the hostel will be allotted on the merit in academics, sports and cultural activities. Student who wishes to apply for a place in the hostel must do so at the time of admission.
  • Boarders will not be allowed to stay out after 8:30 pm in summer and 6:00 pm in winter. For residents of the girl's hostel, timing will be notified by the warden from time to time.
  • No outsider will be allowed to stay in the hostel premises without the written permission of the warden.
  • Boarders will be required to pay hostel dues in advance.
  • Cooking is not allowed in the hostel rooms.
  • Boarders will have to vacate their rooms after the completion of the university Examination.
  • Student living within a distance of 20 Km, from the institute will ordinarily not be allowed accommodation in the Hostel.
  • Failure will ordinarily not be allowed accommodation in the Hostel.
  • All residents of the Girls hostel will ordinarily be required to join the mess while they are resident in the hostel.